Surround yourself with majestic mountain ranges as far as the eye can see, spanning across over 900 square miles of incredible wilderness in America’s heartland just south of Wells, Nevada. Stroll across Mustang Monument’s spacious property and experience nature at its finest, then stay in pure comfort in your choice of cozy tipis or elegant cottages.

At Mustang Monument, the thrill of rugged terrain and the Wild West meets the divine relaxation of 5-star accommodations surrounded by breath-taking countryside. Founded as the first eco-resort of its kind dedicated to showcasing the pristine beauty of America’s wild Mustangs, Mustang Monument is both a sustainable resort and preserve allowing these horses to roam free in their natural habitat.



Dedicated to the preservation of these indigenous Mustangs that once freely roamed the lands, Mustang Monument eco-resort provides once-in-a-lifetime encounters with the marvelous creatures that call our property home. Nothing compares to the rush of seeing an entire herd of Mustangs in the wild where they belong – a symbol of both strength and tranquility in nature. Your stay supports the ongoing protection of these horses and our ceaseless mission to Save America’s Mustangs. Become one with these majestic animals and even ride off into the sunset to see the world through their compassionate eyes.

Enjoy authentic activities capturing the spirit of the American Southwest and unleash your inner cowboy with personalized outings such as outdoor safari adventures, range shooting, ropes courses, rappelling and sharing in tales from our Old West heritage. With the highest level of service, luxury all-inclusive amenities and proceeds from every stay directly benefiting the wild horses of Mustang Monument, take a trip that will touch your soul and make memories that will stay with you for years to come.