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"A thousand horses-the wild-the free - Like waves that follow o'er the sea, Came thickly thundering on." — Lord Byron

Welcome to Mustang Monument

Incredible history. Traditional rusticity. Unparalleled beauty. Once-in-a-life-time experiences. Immerse yourself in over 900 square miles of wide-open, sprawling plains at Mustang Monument in Northwest Nevada, and experience the natural glory of the Great American West at an authentic western ranch destination, a magnificent luxury getaway just steps from the lands where wild Mustang horses roam free.

The Mustang Monument Experience

Venture into views, experiences, and moments that will leave you speechless. Embodying an unbridled passion for the environment, Mustang Monument teaches you to unplug from everyday life and reconnect with nature. Take in your surroundings and let the freedom and powerful spirit of the wild mustangs and the great American west flow through you.

As the sun sets and the endless starlit skies come to life, watch as the magnificent mustangs gallop through the Nevada plains in complete, unrestricted freedom and be instilled with a true sense of wonder. These are the incomparable moments at Mustang Monument that take your breath away and awaken your senses, urging you to reconnect, relax, and rejoice in all nature’s splendor.

After a year of disconnect and isolation from friends and loved-ones, now is the perfect time to come together again and share in a truly life-changing bonding experience set against the wide-open western skies. The ranch estate is perfectly designed for special celebrations, family gatherings, and meaningful events where all activities are specially curated and customized for each guest or group. At Mustang Monument, adventure is calling to you. Come and celebrate with family. Celebrate freedom, celebrate nature, and above all, celebrate life.

The Sky’s the Limit

During your all-inclusive stay at Mustang Monument ranch, you can chart your own journey and enjoy unlimited adventures under the western sun. The ranch’s dedicated team of specialists will work with you and your family to plan the perfect group stay, complete with customized experiences and authentic activities inspired by the traditions of the Old American West, from testing your aim on the firing range to horseback riding excursions through the plains. One experience is especially unique to the property: you’ll have the incredible opportunity to come face-to-face with wild mustang horses while you share their natural habitat during your stay and even participate in an early morning wagon-ride where you will be able to feed these majestic animals yourself!

The Property

At the heart of Mustang Monument ranch is the desire to share America’s western culture and heritage with its guests. This exclusive-use 900 square-mile ranch and its abundant land offer 10 rustically elegant luxury “glamping” cottages with a blend of traditionally-western and contemporary decor, and one stunning seven-bedroom, two-story pioneer house residence, perfect for families or groups.

Discover An American Safari

Mustang Monument Entrance

Vacation and Help Save America’s Mustangs

There is only one place where the trip you take not only relaxes your body – it restores your spirit. It’s time for a break that makes a difference, which is why proceeds from every stay at Mustang Monument directly benefit the wild horses that call our sanctuary home.